Achieve More Together - Murrelektronik becomes 60th member of Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance | Murrelektronik

september 27, 2023

Achieve More Together - Murrelektronik becomes 60th member of Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

Networking is the main topic of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The technology behind Single Pair Ethernet has the potential to drive this topic forward. Murrelektronik is pleased to announce they have joined the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance as its 60th member. Founded in 2020, the Alliance brings together companies from different industries, application areas and countries worldwide to promote the technology for seamless communication from field devices to the cloud. The main goal of the group is to establish a Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) standard. Olaf Prein, Director Business Development Management SCS - Sales & Customer Solutions at Murrelektronik GmbH, says: "We are pleased to be the 60th member of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance. This is a great opportunity to work together on a promising standardized technology that will benefit customers around the world."

SPE enables seamless connection of devices from the OT to the IT level. SPE technology enables data transmission via a single pair of wires (instead of a two- or four-pair line) that can also be used to supply power to the SPE devices at the same time. This allows for open protocols, transparent communication between SPE devices over cable lengths of up to 1000 meters. On standardized IEEE 802 interfaces, data speeds of 10Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s are possible on a two-wire line. This means that existing and future SPE solutions have the potential to become a core component of an Internet-of-Things-capable network architecture.

Murrelektronik is a family owned, internationally operating automation technology company. More than 3000 specialists in 50 countries work on economical and efficient electrical connections in machines and plants. With customized systems, products from Murrelektronik connect all electrical assemblies - signals, data or power.

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