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apríl 28, 2021

Achieving greater efficiency with system engineering

New solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

We need change to effectively counter ever greater competitive and financial pressure. There are solutions for electrical machinery and plant installations that redefine energy, signal, and data transfer, thereby minimizing and easing financial pressure.

No more space in the control cabinet, construction and machinery concepts which have evolved over the years barely support economical production, and increased wiring and activation work because individual components don’t work well with one another – all of us are familiar with these problems. That’s why there’s a need for new mechanical and plant engineering solutions. Eliminate stand-alone solutions and opt for comprehensive automation systems instead.

Systematic economy

The DESINA study project at the Technical University of Munich systematically examined decentralized and conventional installation concepts and their resultant savings potential. The outcome is highly interesting: decentralized automation technology or the use of systemic installation technology makes cost savings of up to 30% possible. 

The potential must be used! Murrelektronik is an expert in automation technology; we face this topic every day and our installation solutions make cost savings possible. The optimum diagnostics of our compact automation systems are a convincing factor. Moreover, the lead times from construction through start-up are shortened, which generates synergies and savings for all areas.

The installation technology of machinery and plants can be optimized at any point along the value chain. It’s all about choosing the right path at the start – for example, at the design stage. This is where decisions have to be made regarding how power, data, and signal paths are defined – 70% of a machine’s costs are determined during the design stage.


The installation concept is defined at the design stage. This determines the course of the subsequent processes. A significant portion of the cost-effectiveness of machines and plants is generated at this stage.


Decentralization of the I/O systems makes ongoing part activations possible and reduces their activation time. The diagnostics in our modular system minimize the troubleshooting workload.


Decentralized, streamlined, and flawless installation is the core idea when it comes to installation technology. Huge time savings can be achieved with the aid of standardized connectors. This results in a lower error rate. It’s plug-and-play time!


With the installation technology being decentralized, less space is needed, thus freeing up valuable production space. A new dimension in, and level of, availability is achieved thanks to diagnostics information. The option of IIoT connections opens up new productivity potential.

Murrelektronik sets up machines and plants with the future in mind, be it for new concepts or retrofits. As technophiles, we can identify the cost drivers in installations and present tailored system solutions. Murrelektronik works under the motto: achieving greater efficiency with system engineering.

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