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Produktové novinky

dec 17, 2018

Safety Relays for all applications

A safe shut off prevents machine and material damages while, most importantly, helping operating personnel avoid risk. Murrelektronik's new MIRO SAFE+ safety relays can help you achieve safety standards (up to performance level e (PLe) according to EN 13849-1) in your facility.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch H L 24 - the universal solution: This module is designed for emergency stop, guard door, light curtain and magnetic switch applications. It has three N/O and one N/C contact and can be used either with or without start-button monitoring.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch H 48-230 – the universal module with wide voltage input: Used in applications with 48 - 230V AC (for example, in the US) for emergency stop applications and guard door monitoring. It can be used both with and without start-button monitoring.

MIRO SAFE+ T 1 24 – the time manager: With a width of only 22.5 millimeters, this compact relay is the ideal solution for applications that require both instantaneous and delayed contacts. This relay allows you to individually adjust delays of up to 30 seconds.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch ECOA 24 – the cost-effective solution: This screw terminal relay can be used in guard doors, emergency stop and light curtain applications. It is an ideal solution for applications that do not require a monitored start button.

With MIRO SAFE+ you create

  • Emergency Stop Monitoring
  • Guard Door Monitoring
  • Light Barrier and Light Curtain Monitoring
  • Two-Hand Controls
  • Monitoring of Pressure Sensitive Mats
  • Magnetic Switch Monitoring

The Benefits of MIRO SAFE+

  • Clear identification with label plates
  • LED status indicator at the front of the relay
  • Flexible use because of a disconnectable cross-circuit fault detection
  • Convenient connection with pluggable spring clamp terminals in quick connection technology
  • Coding elements make sure the terminals are not confused